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Pazen Set Candles by Jada candles

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Fulfilled by our friends at Jada candles

  • Hand made natural soy candle with a unique industrial style concrete base with different Foil Flakes color designs 
  • Each concrete candle base is embellished very carefully with a color pigment by hand in some of the formation of the concrete.
  • Each candle will be different from the last.
  • Size: S  3X5 10 Oz   M 3x10 20 Oz   L 3x15 30 Oz 
  • Please place your new candle onto a suitable candle holder or coaster to protect work surface/ counter
  • The molds I use to create these candles varies, I repurpose old plastic shapes that have been already used and would other wise be sent to recycling, once I reuse them I send them to recycling too.