About Us

BINGE Online Boutique, LLC is owned and operated by one woman, Blake Nichols.  
Born at Providence Hospital in Washington, DC and raised in Alexandria, Virginia, I grew up surrounded by the DMV's (D.C., Maryland & Northern Virginia) take on 80's and 90's fashion.  Being raised in a family of therapeutic shoppers, I spent a lot of time at Potomac Mills and Pentagon City.  Growing up the (much) younger of six kids in a modern family - I spent a lot of time on my own sketching what I thought was Haute Couture fashion.  Tilted brim hats and wrap silhouette gowns, in my 10 year old mind - WERE fashion staples.  Look out Diane Von Furstenberg!! 
I've always had a quirky fashion, a little off the beaten path.  I especially love playing with various textures in an outfit; mixing satins/silks with sweats and leather/vegan leather and lace - an eye full really, and I love it!  Layers are everything I live for, which is why Autumn/Fall is my best fashion season - hands down.
Nearly two decades at my cushy corporate job, things around me started pointing in the direction of entrepreneurship and the timing was impeccable.  BINGE, for me represents change and the overindulgence of everything GOOD. BINGE Online Boutique provides quality fashion and home décor at affordable prices that you, your friends and family will LOVE!  Every item featured on this site are some of my obsessions that I've hand picked just for you! 
Remember to drink water, stay positive, have fun and BINGE!!
Sincerely Yours,
Blake Nichols
Owner & CEO, BINGE Online Boutique, LLC